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Live in Care Costs

Live-in care is a kind of assistance that is meant for elderly people who need round-the-clock support coming from a trained caregiver. In this case, the kind of aid is not related to medicine. 

Mostly, it entails helping them with activities of daily living such as shopping, bathing, dressing, and medication management. 

Most of the time, elderly individuals need to be helped around the house because they have lost the energy to take care of themselves. 

Whether you are an aspiring caregiver or an ageing person looking for an expert to help them in the house, this piece highlights everything that you need to know.

Though the program depends on the nature of demand from the senior, caregivers are not encouraged to sleep at the seniors’ place unless they agree with their clients. 

This means that as a caregiver, it is vital to avoid moving to the senior’s home. They are supposed to report to work from a few hours to a few days or weeks before going back to their usual residence. 

Often, caregivers work in shifts of 12 hours so that the client gets to see the same two people every day. A part of their duty entails providing the client with enough food and comfortable place to sleep. 

If you are planning to invite caregivers to your home so that they are cared for, it is crucial that you find out the live in care costs beforehand so that you get financially ready. 

How Much Does Live in Care Cost?

Live in care costs for the elderly will depend on many different factors. 

This option is more affordable and more convenient than sending your patient to a home. 

Live in home care entails keeping an older adult in their home while providing them with primary care. In most cases, this kind of service is issued by a nursing institution. 

The companies usually issue home health aid or a kind of caregiver in patients, and they work in shifts that could range between 12 hours to one week. In this kind of arrangement, the services provided include grocery shopping, housecleaning, meal preparation, cleaning, and dressing. 

There could be other special services that the client might need, but this is always done after an agreement has been signed with the nursing company. 

Live in home care allows the caregiver to sleep at night without being disturbed. But this has to happen after they are done ensuring that their clients are okay and ready to sleep soundly through the night. However, if the agreement is that the caregiver works 24 hours nonstop, then they have to be there every minute the client needs them. 

24 hour live-in care cost will usually be very high since the carer has to sacrifice a lot of time. That being said, live in care is cheaper than 24 hour in home care cost since you will not have to pay premiums for food and accommodation. 

The 24 hour live-in care cost will only factor in the level of care needed and the expertise of the carer.

Here is a useful video from the UK Care Guide on live in care costs.

Many care companies offer these kinds of services. 

If you have a loved one that might need the services, it is advisable that you research the services provided by various organizations. 

You should also put into consideration the special needs of your loved one so that you only sign a contract with a company that can meet those needs. Many options are there to be considered. They include volunteers, hospice, and even family members. 

Make sure that you take your time and understand what would work best for you. If you check carefully, you will find that several government agencies provide live in-home care services and that they are reliable.

The type of live in elder care service you need will determine the cost of the service. To save some money, you should avoid covering the 24 hour in home care cost. Instead, let the caregivers stay only when there is no one else to care for the patient.

Importance of Live-in Elder Care

It is understandable that ageing is a natural process and that it is normal to slow down. Duties that could be done much faster are now down slowly and might even become tiresome. 

Therefore, it is essential that when age starts to catch up with someone, they are issued with special care. However, it is possible to live independently as we age as long as it doesn’t affect our health and risk our safety.

Below are the usual benefits of live in care services from a well-trained expert.

  • It helps you meet your daily essential living needs like dressing, feeding, toileting, and even moving around the compound in the mornings and evenings


  • It provides the client’s loved one with peace of mind knowing that they are doing fine.


  • It also helps to minimize the risk of injury, physical strain, through the provision of standard health care. The client will have minimal chances of falling down, doing chores, and being stressed up when they are unable to do things on their own.


  • Helps to reduce depression because the client will have someone to talk to.


  • Creates a favourable environment when there is someone to help by monitoring medical conditions at all times.


  • They get enough free time to enjoy the things they love to do and other social recreation activities.


  • Reduced level of stress that comes as a result of not being able to get things done.


  • Reduced chances of getting injured while trying to do stuff on their own.


  • Through personal care, they get their self-esteem boosted because they are clean and live in a clean environment that is full of life.
24 hour in home care cost

Once someone has gotten old, there are things that they can’t do on their own. 

Even if they do them, it will take them a lot of time to complete. This can make them feel desperate and stressed, especially when they don’t have someone to understand their situation. 

If there is someone, (especially an expert) to show them that they are loved, the chances are that the seniors will feel appreciated. They also need to be helped to do things in the house so that they don’t waste the little energy that they have left. 

If you hire an experienced carer, you should be able to enjoy the benefits of live in care that are listed above. .

How to Know when Someone Needs a Live-in Care Giver

Most of the time, people tend to wait until it’s too late before they find a caregiver to take care of their loved ones. 

Maybe this is happening because they are not sure when is the right time to find someone to care for their ageing loved one. However, if you spend time with them, you will notice that they are unable to take care of certain things on their own. 

Also, if you are close enough to them, they will tell you about the challenges they are starting to face in life concerning getting things done around the house. When this happens, it is time you started working on getting a caregiver for them. 

Interestingly, some seniors can take good care of themselves despite their age. Even if this is the case with your loved one, you will need to get them a caregiver at some point just in case they need some emergency care in the house.

How to Choose the Best Live-in Care Agency

It is essential that you select the best caregiver for your loved one. It is essential that you know the right agency to select.

Before you do this, it is crucial that you understand the special needs that your loved one might have. You can do this by having a close conversation with them so that you see what they need in their life. You must do this because the agencies have different options depending on what you are looking to provide your loved one with. Below are some of the things to keep in mind while selecting the right caregivers for your senior: 

  • Ask if they have worked with an agency before- If they have worked with a reputable organisation, then the chances are that they will issue high-quality services to your loved one.


  • Respite Care Costs- Even if the live in carer is excellent, there are times that they will need a break from work. They should tell you when they will need a break and how often. From that information, you will know whether they will be available most of the time to ensure that your loved one gets comfortable life. This information will help you determine your respite care costs.


  • Live in Care Cost- You need to have a budget. Ask the candidate about the cost of services to help you know if you can afford the 24-hour live-in cost.


  • Know the Live in Care Costs for the Elderly – If your loved one is just old but doesn’t have any health complication, then the cost for caring for them should be a little lower.


  • Conduct Background Checks- Once you have found someone that you consider hiring, find out their level of education and if they are certified and licensed by the government.


The Final Word

The cost of live in care is one of the barriers that deter people from getting the best care for their loved ones. 

To avoid this kind of challenge, make sure that you are financially ready early enough. Talk to your allies and ask them how much does in home care cost so that they provide you with reliable information. 

The Care Quality Commission has standardized social care, meaning you should be able to get quality services from any registered carer. 

Even if you choose to work with a volunteer, you should make sure they have been recognized by the Care Quality Commission.

When calculating the cost of live in care, make sure you factor in respite care. The respite care costs should not raise your overall cost significantly.

The live in carers cost should match those of the substitute carer. In some cases, you can even get a relative to care for your patient as this will help you lower the live in carers cost.