About Us

About us Live in Care Online has been set up as a free enterprise to help people on their journey in finding Live in Care.  We recognised that there was a lick of independent information out there and as consequence wanted to provide a resource for people to use.    We do not offer services […]

Dementia & Managing Your Finances

Dementia and finances

Dementia and Managing your Finances A diagnosis of dementia is undoubtedly incredibly difficult to deal with. The challenges are around Alzheimer’s and dementia, such as dementia with lewy bodies, are both emotional and financial – and it can feel impossible to manage issues surrounding your finances and money sensitively and effectively. As dementia progresses, communication will […]

Hobbies For The Elderly

22 Hobbies for the elderly Having a hobby can help you establish new connections, improve your mood, and enhance your levels of coping with stress. Unfortunately, today everyone is busy with other activities. Hobbies can improve the life of the elderly and seniors by helping them to lead a productive lifestyle. There are so many […]

Activities For People With Dementia

12 Activities for People with Dementia According to the World Health Organization, more than 47 million people are living with dementia across the world. People who have dementia and Alzheimer’s disease often withdraw from family, friends and even from the activities they once found treasure in. This affects not only the sick person but also their caregivers […]

How To Pay For Care

Paying for Elderly Care in 2019  One of the most stressful areas when it comes to care is working out how you will pay for it. For many, they are shocked to find that care costs can easily be in excess of £100,000. We are often asked the question “How to pay for elderly care”. […]

Home exercises for the elderly

10 Home Exercises for the Elderly Staying active in old age is a key means of staving off debilitating conditions and diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. This is why exercising for the elderly is so important.   What’s more, improving flexibility, strength and endurance are necessary for regulating blood sugar, maintaining strong bones and […]

Importance of Exercise

Exercise for the elderly Exercise has many benefits to both the young and old people. It increases your life expectancy, boosts your immunity, improves your cognitive function and strengthens your muscles and bones. You are less likely to get fractures when you have a minor accident such as a fall when you exercise regularly. We […]

Dieting tips for the elderly

Dieting for elderly people You can’t stop the process of ageing, but you can stay healthy.. The basic step towards good health as you age is eating right. For the body to run normally, you have to feed it good nutrition and maintain it. You should treat your body as you treat your home. Therefore, checking […]

Live in Carer

live in carer uk

Live in Carer – What do they do? More and more people in the UK are realising that caregiving is a rewarding line of work. At the moment, about 1 in 20 people are carers in the UK. Some of these people don’t work at residential homes and instead opt to visit the patients and […]

Live in Care Costs

live in care costs uk

Live in Care Costs Live-in care is a kind of assistance that is meant for elderly people who need round-the-clock support coming from a trained caregiver. In this case, the kind of aid is not related to medicine.  Mostly, it entails helping them with activities of daily living such as shopping, bathing, dressing, and medication […]